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'During the many years that I have been lucky enough to be a Deejay and entertainer I have created a number of ideas to help develop the cabaret side of my show.

Some things worked, some did not but only the best ideas made it into the shop.

When ideas do work out  they can completely tranform an audience and it is the entertainer who ends up being entertained!

Only time will tell if the same is true with my games and cards. If you do buy a game or a card please feel free to let me know how it went and if you give it to someone else make sure you are around to enjoy the show!'


Wheelie's World of party amusements covers three main areas: Games, Cards and Novelty Gifts.

The GAMES Section

In the Games section you'll find two types of game - BAGS of CHARACTER an adult role play game and Hoodoo Voodoo, a board game suitable for a younger audience.

Keep an eye on this section as more games will be coming along. 

The CARDS Section

In the Cards section you will find two types of cards - Wheelie's Original cards, largely intended for adults and Krazy Kardz which are intended for a younger age group.

The Novelty Gifts Section

In the Novelty Gift section you will find Wheelie's do-it-yourself Cabaret Kits, Wheelie's Headcase Cards, which transform into masks and Wheelie's end-of-the-pier post card range.

Also in this section are the Wheelie Bag Annuals documenting the entire story of the Wheelie Bag Sound System but these are limited in number so you'll have to be quick.

The Postcards Section

PIER END postcards: a range of 'vintage look' original cards with illustrations by Vince Ray and a dash of Wheelie Bag humour in a true seaside style.