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'As a kid I could hardly wait to open a new box of breakfast cereal to retrieve the free gift. All my comics were chosen on the basis of the latest free offer (loyalty didn't come into it). Cardboard contraptions powered by rubber bands, things made by cutting along dotted lines or anything that went BANG did it for me . So I developed the Wheelie Bag Novelty range to add a touch of nostalgic fun and originality and compliment the cards and games with a few inexpensive gifts.

First up you'll find Wheelie's do-it-yourself Cabaret Kits - these do more or less what they say on the pack. Pick the character of your choice and with the application of a press-out costume, some string and a few cheeky instructions you'll soon be amazing your friends and neighbours.

Next are the Headcase Cards - my unique design which doubles up as a mask with no string required! A card you can actually get into now that's got to be a novelty.

Finally I've included a last chance to buy a copy of the Wheelie Bag Annual.

I'm sure more things will be added to this section just as soon as my tool maker can cut me some new designs. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy what is here and don't forget you are always welcome to let me know what you think.'




Wheelie's do-it-yourself Cabaret Kits

Compact in their A5 format they are small enough to drop in with another gift or make an unusual alternative to a conventional greeting card. They are a great price too, so my advice is to order a few at a time.This way you’ll never be short of a quirky little present for that unexpected occasion.

Black and white print on brown recycled paper outer with die-cut A5 press-out costume, string and humorous instructions.

Supplied in a sealed A5 cellophane gift bag (no envelope included).

Price £2.00


Wheelie's Headcase Card Mask

The Headcase Card is a recent invention! It is an A4, folded and die-cut greeting card that neatly presses out to become a mask. The outer edge of the card is used to retain the mask when it is put on and is adjusted to suit the size of head. At the moment I have four great designs, all with new original artwork by Vince Ray. There is currently a Birthday Card theme but more themes such as Halloween will soon follow. The 'cards' are really more like a novelty gift than a normal card so they include a neat 'To and From' tag which can later be detached.

Full colour 'retro look' print on A4 recycled, 300gsm, brown ribbed craft board.

Supplied with attached gift tag, with envelope in a sealed cellophane bag.

Price £4.00


The Wheelie Bag Annual

If you are new to the World of Wheelie this is for you. Everything you could wish to know about the Wheelie Bag deejaying plus the story of the fifty Wheelie Bag Sound Systems that were built and the adventures of their owners. The Annual includes instructions for building your own sound machine, there's a free Wheelie Bag game and a lot more besides. It's very nicely printed and in full colour but it is a limited edition and there are only a few left.

Price £10