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- just gotta be my best ever game!














When I invented GOMOZAIC back in the '80s, it soon became one of the UKs top selling games.

By December 1988 it was listed in the Sunday Observer's Top 30 UK games and I had a real job to keep up with demand, selling over 8,000 games in the Hamleys Toy Store on Regent Street.


Not sure that my Moped form of transportation would be legal these days but somehow I got away with it back then!


Now, over 25 years later, it is definitely time for a GOMOZAIC Deejay Remix.

The game was completely redesigned with really nifty plastic pieces. There are special clips made to hold the GOMOZAIC tiles both during and after a game. GOMOZAIC does not really need a box - you can play it anywhere as it has no board but I have designed some good old skool cardboard packaging to keep the game in anyway as I love the look of games in cardboard boxes! 

The whole game was also entirely manufactured in the UK which is something of an achievement these days.


GOMOZAIC is now manufactured under license by the Shoreditch based company Big Potato. It has been completely redesigned and renamed as OK Play.

It's in the shops in time for Christmas so you know what to do!



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BAGS of CHARACTER is a role play game based very much upon the Deejay Wheelie Bag Show. It is what they used to call a 'Parlour Game' a great after dinner amusement if you don't mind a bit of chaotic fun and games. Rather like at the end of a box of Christmas crackers you'll be left with some very amused guests and a delightful aftermath of masks, role-play cards, pieces of string and cardboard score cards littering the table. In my view this is a very good reason why we should do Christmas more often and now, with BAGS of CHARACTER, we can!

The Birthday Drinks Party version is available all year round and makes for the perfect opportunity to try the game out and, of course, have a party! Then at various times during the year you'll find that there are additional versions available with themes and characters for Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Valentines and Halloween.

Players first choose a Bag to open and discover their Character and Costume. Suitably attired they take it in turns to read out their Role Play card and commence their Performance. Each player is scored by the other contestants using their score cards. Highest score wins. The Winner gets their portrait taken in the BAGS of CHARACTER 'photo-me' frame (supplied with the game).

BAGS of CHARACTER is a game for 4-8 players and comes complete with 4x role play cards, 4x press-out costumes, score cards, string and 'photo-me' winners portrait frame.

The game board and components are carefully printed on quality 300gsm card, hand finished and supplied in a clear cellophane bag.


Price: £10


Hoodoo Voodoo

Hoodoo Voodoo is a board game with a difference - the board goes around instead of you going round the board! Yes it looks a bit spooky but it's actually entirely innocent and designed to be suitable for a younger audience (7-8 year plus). It's all based on turning around the 'magic' Hoodoo Voodoo board to reveal numbers, rolling dice to win character cards and finally battling with other players to see who has the highest powers.

Hoodoo Voodoo is a game for 2-4 players. The game consists of four individual play boards, one for each player (only two are shown in the illustration) surrounding a central rotating Hoodoo Voodoo board, plus character cards and dice.

The game board and components are carefully printed on quality 300gsm card, hand finished and supplied in a clear cellophane bag.


Price: £10



'Games of various kinds were definitely an important part of my childhood. My father would produce an old box of pencils (which I still have) and a game or two at any number of occasions from birthdays, visits from aunts and uncles, summer holidays and of course Christmas.They could comprise a pack of pictures taken at strange angles, a set of train journeys that needed collecting by running madly around the house or a variety of cards that required you to 'spot the difference'.

Changes in technology and home entertainment has meant that this 'golden age' has largely been overtaken by game consoles, the Internet and mobile phones. 

My games return to the innocence of these times but nevertheless add a contemporary take. They often leave quite a lot to individual interpretation and can have unpredictable consequences. 

So much the better for that!'