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Hi everybody, Wheelie here. (Now retired as of August 2018)

Thanks for checking me out.Yes this is the site for the DJ who used to play records nobody had ever heard of.

And yes I also played games no audience could understand for prizes they didn't want. But there's been a recent update. Now I'm a DJ who doesn't DJ either.

YUP it's just games from now on. Board games, card games, roll play games and all kinds of fun with cardboard and string. My new site is under construction so meantime have a wander round here and get a bit of background.

Sadly the Wheelie Bag Vintage Vinyl Show is no more but Wheelie's LOONYVERSE is just around the corner.



You can also check for more stuff about who and what I am.


I have been playing music from my eclectic mix of original 7 inch vinyl for some 30 years, mainly around London clubs and bars. I currently have two regular shows a month. See the gig page for dates and locations.

The shows are a bit of a mix between music and cabaret. I invite audience participation and include somewhat surreal games with even stranger prizes - all from the Dalston Pound Shop.

The video clip shows one such game playing out at one of my regular bars The Old Fountain at Old St. EC1. The game is a version of Bags of Character. I developed Bags of Character as a role play game based on wearing  miniature fancy dress outfits tied on with string. It has great illustrations by Vince Ray and is ideal for what I would call an 'after dinner' party game.

You can buy various versions of the game at the shop. You can also email me if you want a particular theme and I'll make you up one to suit your event.

Also included in my Shows are two electric dancing girls, Surfer Sue and Venus De Vinyl, known as the Wheelettes. You can hear them introduce the Show if you visit the podcast.


Listen to a live show podcast click here:

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Wheelie's Radio Wild Child

This is a brand new idea!

I am now building what you could call suitcase radio stations. I want to bring back the excitement of live performance radio, the physicality of it all. Radio sets, transmitters, djs scurrying around with homemade broadcasting equipment, audiences desperately tuneing into a dodgey signal.

The conventional pirate radio uses a 40 watt radio transmitter. It is illegal because the band frequencies are strictly controlled by licensing. There are however some broadcasting bands that do not require a license. The recent development of wire free devices from keyboards to routers and in particular wifi audio speakers provides a great opportunity to resuscitate the Audio Star.

Inside a Wheelie Bag suitcase radio station is a media playing device, a mixer, a mic, a number of receivers for distribution around the venue and a wifi transmitter. It may be under the radar but there is no need to go under the bed clothes to listen to it - it’s legal!

It uses low volume, audience based receivers rather than stage based amplification - more suited to a high street coffee shop than a late night dance club. As well as an opportunity to play music it is well suited for the spoken word.

Anyone for Family Favourites?